clients often ask how i got into photography. my answer is always ‘it saved me in high school’ and i feel that’s really true. i spent hours out shooting, in the darkroom or poring over books of favorite photographers. i think i knew then the power of pictures but didn’t realize the continued significance that it would have in my life.

through college and graduate school, as i pursued my degrees in photography & art, i worked in galleries and as a photographic educator in arts institutions, schools and community organizations.

i spent many hours teaching young children, high school kids, seniors, even training teachers, all with the same goal in mind – visual literacy – creating & understanding meaning through the power of images.

in 2000, i discovered my “niche” in an unexpected place – while pregnant with my first child in L.A., i started photographing other pregnant women I met in pre-natal yoga classes. later on i photographed them again with their babies and a business was born, so to speak!

i realized what an amazing opportunity this was as a photographer and new mom—to create this business really united what was most important to me in many ways. one of my favorite parts of my work is photographing families over time. it’s truly an honor to be a part of such a joyous time in people’s lives.