I'd put this off for a long time, and I wish I would have gone for my session earlier! I'm already planning when I'll schedule another portrait. I loved having my makeup done prior to the session and I loved looking at the pictures and selecting my portrait the most. I was pleasantly surprised by how collaborative and fun the session was! 

The whole process was very fluid and fun! The make-up, the wardrobe changes, the location choices - all came to together perfectly under Elizabeth's expertise. She made the whole experience feel very natural and comfortable like friends chatting and having dress-up fun. I felt very at ease in front of the camera. But what blew me most away was how awesome the photos turned out. I still use the photos from our shoot all the time! When you are ready to book for yourself, remember what a great self-gift this is. Follow Elizabeth's guidance on wardrobe, hair, make-up. Be yourself, let her do her photography magic!

I love how fun, relaxed and personal Elizabeth is to sit for. Also, she was able to capture what I think I look like, unlike other portraits that maybe show an odd angle. Tip for those thinking about signing up: Relax, be yourself, let Elizabeth guide you.

I really enjoyed having my makeup done and seeing how all of the final images turned out! If you are considering this shoot, just relax and have fun - it will come through in your images. 

Whitney 16V2_web.jpg
I really enjoyed getting my makeup professionally done and after it was all done, I loved how I looked like myself but prettier. I didn't know that a little make up could make me feel so much prettier. Elizabeth is a Zen master at putting people at ease. She not only works to get the best shot but also helps you be in charge of what poses you like best.